Medication Administration Course for PSW

Course No. CICC-MAC-FT

Course description: This is a 32.5 hour-non credit training course designed to provide the PSW knowledge and skills in medication administration. The course consists of two major components: (1) classroom module; and (2) laboratory module.

Program Goal:

The PSW medication training course is designed to provide the PSW a solid and firm theoretical foundation and accurate knowledge on different actions and side effects of different medications and provide the PSW skills on how to properly administer different medications through different routes including oral (pills/liquid), nose drops, eye drops, ear drops, suppositories, topical, transdermal, ect.

Program objectives:
  1. The PSW will gain invaluable knowledge on the common medications administered by the PSW.
  2. The classroom presentation will provide the PSW accurate information and allows the student to become familiar with the legal aspect of administering medication including the controlled acts in Ontario.
  3. The PSW will acquire, develop, and master different skills necessary in medication administration.
  4. The PSW will become familiar with the different rights of medication administration.
  5. The PSW will be given the opportunity to practice administering medication, through different routes, in the laboratory module.

Certificate is issued after the student has satisfactorily performed all required elements of the training course: obtain 70% in the post-test and able to perform required skills in the lab.

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