Work and Study Canada:
Academic & Business Language
Program with Internship
(Basic level, Advanced level 1 and Advanced level 2)

Programs currently available:

18 weeks basic level program

24 weeks Advanced level 1 program

Please contact the office for pricing and schedule.

Applicants must pay the registration fee in 
full and apply for visa 
at least 2 months
before the start date of the chosen program.

Prices listed above don't include book fees and administration fees.

For the advanced levels programs start dates and prices information please contact us or our agent in your country.

Special offerRegister now and take an advantage of our accommodation arrangements.

College may assist with accommodation arrangement upon request.
The cost of the accommodation rent is: 350 CAD - 450 CAD monthly depends on the season and the availability. 

Work and study Canada Program is a unique opportunity for foreign students to learn Academic English Language and Business English Language, in a classroom as well as in real-life communication practice in a professional environment.

50/50 Concept

As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada guidelines, all students need a valid work visa for the entire period of their internship. Students must study a minimum of 50% of their time in class and can work as an intern the other 50%. The work placement must follow the study time. The first part of the program students spend learning Academic and Business English in the classroom, and participating in Cultural and Industry related Workshops. The second part of the program students spend off campus, gaining valuable Canadian work experience during the paid internship placement.

Supervised International Internship

The off campus supervised paid or unpaid Internship is a monitored work experience related to student's previous work experience, academic field of study or general interest. The Internship is meeting specific learning goals that were previously set up in the classroom. 

The Internship provided by host companies gives our students the unique opportunity of gaining valuable international work experience, exposing to international business culture, building international business network relationships and of course, improving their English Academic and Business language skills in general life and in their respective industry.

During the course of studies students will learn the following subjects and will be assisted with implementation of the obtained skills:

1. Composing of professional resume according to North American standards.

2. Preparation for professional job interview.

3. Searching for internship placements using technologies and networks.

Consultation regarding internship placement always available for students at the college site.
Successful Completion of the Program

Students who successfully complete all the requirements of their Work and Study Canada program will receive the following at the end of the course:

1. CICC Certificate

2. Transcript & Evaluation provided by the Academic Supervisor

3. A Letter of Reference from the Practicum Host company on company letterhead

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